Grading is an important issue for students, whether they go to college after completing high school or get a job. We use the word “grading” or closed “” from the study, whenever any particular level of education completed by graduation squaste & dress. It is perhaps the primary, secondary, higher secondary or tertiary level of education, if we discover the use of graduation squaste & hood. Despite its level and scale are beginning ceremonies always an important event for students of all levels. It is surprising but the fact is that even holding the children for themselves, which are graduated after completing pre-school levels. It amuses perhaps for older students, but it is a serious event for children.

Photos or pictures of their parents in creating Graduation Ceremony with hat and clothes sales with the intention of the children who deserve a success of this kind, a kind of desire, so they can put their photos or pictures of Graduation Ceremony except that of their parents. In fact, children follow their parents and they always feel a sense of success, if they act like their parents. In view of various issues beginning to be celebrated in many countries around the world. Such party has a huge impact on the psychology of children. It motivates them to move forward, it brings a feeling of success in their minds, and it clears it with a sense of seniority and responsibility higher up too. They, in some cases try to compare their performance with older students at school and then to behave reasonably, they are expected to make. Graduation ceremony without in most cases has minimal effect on the minds of children, and there is nothing there to another without any distinction of any kind from one class to promote. Children with erratic nature may feel tired and in some cases, you show that their reluctance to attend classes. Therefore it is proposed to organize a Graduation Ceremony for children even at the end between the pre-level.

Celebration is full not only with the heart and feelings of pleasure, it also comes with a number of tangible gifts and souvenirs, you medals, caps, tassels, certificates, clothes and so on. Graduation Ceremony in pre-school level requires more colorful and attractive products such as multi-colored tassel with year of completion. Tassels act in preschool level mostly as a gift of celebration. On the other hand, are more serious in nature diplomas, and it represents an achievement. It can be printed on a nice and colorful piece of paper so that it can be for a longer period of time, climbed the wall and enter the children even in their old age remain a sensory performance. Motivate Graduation Ceremony together with tangible objects, the tool for students as high at an early level of education, can.